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Special effects company Digital Domain Media Group (DDMG) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last Tuesday and presented a buyer, Searchlight Capital, for its core operations, Digital Domain Productions, on the same day. However, regulations require that a bankruptcy auction is held, and it is far from certain that Searchlight’s $15 million will be the winning bid when this auction concludes on September 21st.

We reported last weekend that a Lionsgate spokesman confirmed that “post-production work on Ender’s Game remains on schedule,” but several new developments, including new court documents filed by Lionsgate production partner OddLot Entertainmain (OLE) on Wednesday show that this schedule is now at risk.

An auction date just ten days after the initial bankruptcy filing is, according to DDMG’s bankruptcy judge Brendan Linehan Shannon, “unprecedented,” and he said he approved the timeline “only because Digital Domain claimed it would be forced to liquidate and fire all its employees.” That, of course, would prevent DDMG to complete the visual and animation effects for Ender’s Game on time.

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