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Asker Anonymous Asks:
who runs this blog? :)
endersgame endersgame Said:

Who in particular? My name is Kelly — and this is the Tumblr for EnderNews.com.

A rather personal question for someone choosing to remain anonymous. :)

Cameron Gaskins Signs Autograph Cards for Trading Card Game

More pics — including a look at the game’s packaging and folder at the jump!

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Asa Butterfield, who turns 17 today, and to my EnderCast co-host and good friend Crystal Watanabe!

So, “Ender’s Game” is now out on DVD in the UK and HMV is offering this exclusive steelbook — a limited 4000 copy run. 

The Mondo artwork makes this release even cooler. Has anyone picked one up?

Photo credit to soopernoodles on Instagram. :)


Plus an EnderCast / St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Game: Take a sip of Guinness every time I say “I don’t know.”

Come on, Launchies. Ender’s Game can certainly beat Cowboy Bebop. Go vote!

"It was a good game. Thanks."