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Review of Asa Butterfield’s X+Y!

Received this ages ago — an actual patch from the movie that wasn’t used because the color was a bit wonky. :)

X+Y Trailer feat. Asa Butterfield Thanks to Bankside Films!

Ender’s Game trading cards available TOMORROW. Check out more pictures here or download a PDF of the checklist!

A year ago. All the best wishes to everyone at Comic-Con 2014!

Tonight on Teen Wolf.

Can we talk about how exciting / depressing the trading cards are? I thought I’d gotten all my post-Ender ducks in a row but now CARDS MUST HAVE THEM.

And I miss you guys.

Harrison Ford has signed his Colonel Graff cards and the  trading card set will be available July 30th!

"Yes, that is a mini Ender Wiggin."

Last night I dreamed that Lionsgate was holding a contest to see who could make the best music video for an Ender’s Game sequel. In my dream, I came up with the idea to do a parody of the song “Hello” from The Book of Mormon musical except we were going door to door encouraging people to read Ender’s “The Hive Queen” from Speaker for the Dead instead.